rewrite your story

It has long been discovered that the electron has two states: a particle state and a wave state, or field, depending on the observer location. The ancient shamans recognized this luminous field. They understood that although we are in a particle state, we also have a light energy field.

They understood why it is important to clean up energy imprints before they turn into disease.


The physical body represents our state of particle. The wave state, of pure energy, transcends the physical body and creates unity with the Universe. The energy field plays an essential role in determining the qualities of the state of particles, ie the health of our physical body.

Our energy field contains all the information about how we will live, how we will heal, how we will age and how we will die. Staying in the same energy field means living the same life our parents lived, with the flaws, beliefs and diseases ... It also means that we can improve our body by improving our light energy field.


If our light energy field is what we were before we were born and what we will be after we die, it contains stories like faulty genes and diseases, which are then passed down from generation to generation. The moment we eliminate these negative stories from the energy field, we can begin to write a new story for our life.


Ioana Partenie Energetic Balacing

What Energetic Field Harmonization brings to you:


∆ The purification and harmonization of the energy field, which allows the state of health 

∆ The cleaning of the different energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to dissolve blockages and limiting beliefs that often prevent positive progress in life.

Reactivation of healing mechanisms, promoting the body's defense capacities, strengthening the immune system.

∆ Go beyond conventional time: learn messages from the past and from the future.

∆ How to see opportunities rather than dangers.

∆ Reprogramming and reselection of genetic fate.


Energetic field clearing is never a substitute for medical treatment. My energetic approach is stripped of any religious attachement and does not ask the consultant for any particular spiritual path.