unlock YOUr GENIUS

Based on a fundamental code of Consciousness and inspired by the Chinese I Ching, the Gene Keys are an inner journey whose purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives onto a whole new level of awareness. 


From immemorial time, the sages of all cultures have suggested that inside the human body there exists a code for a higher human evolution – a transcendent state of great compassion and inner freedom. The central premise of the Gene Keys is that this code lies dormant within the actual coils of our DNA. So how do we unlock this code to our higher purpose?


Richard Rudd, poet and spiritual guide, received the Gene Keys in 1987 as a living transmission. Uniting both science and mysticism, Gene Keys weaves a kaleidoscope of insights from fields as diverse as biology, theosophy, anthropology, mythology, and indigenous wisdom.


Made up of 64 universal archetypes, the Gene Keys are life codes based on the fundamental law of Consciousness. Each archetype or "Gene Key" has 3 frequency levels known as Shadow (Victim pattern), Gift (Creative Genius), and Siddhi (Divine manifestation).

Contemplating the Gene Keys takes us on a deep personal journey, an experiential teaching that can trigger a process of deep enlightenment in our lives.

The art of Contemplation is to take all of these teachings and apply them to all areas of life, at all times.

Ioana Partenie Gene Keys

The Art of Contemplation

There is no problem in your life that cannot be solved by the Art of Contemplation.

Skillfully employed, it allows you to release the limitations, blockages and internal conflicts of which you may be prisoners, in order to give you access to your personal resources, your latent Genius, and to deploy the range of your talents and your potentialities.

« Every desire you have can really be reduced to a single overarching desire –

the desire to know your true nature » Richard Rudd

I guide you in the art of bringing magic in every corner of your life, to find the deeper meaning of your journey in this world.