a creative game


Hypnosis is a Solution oriented brief therapy, an extremely powerful tool to relieve various pathologies and symptoms such as stress, depression, burnout, sexual disorders, emotional addictions, drug or medication addiction, gambling, alcohol, as well as phobias, allergies, etc.

Hypnosis aims to germinate effective solutions in you in order to nourish the expression of your full potential. 
This process takes the form of creative, fun games that will lead you to:


  • Activate your full potential.

  • Improve your relationships.

  • Make significant changes in your life.

  • Release your emotional heaviness.

  • Realize your projects and achieve your goals.

Ioana Partenie Hypnose Coaching

A hypnotic trance corresponds to a modification of normal vigilance, the one we know every day to reason and act.
The brain actually begins to dream while remaining conscious and focused on a specific subject. Reading a story, watching a movie, a painting, driving the car, etc. are the most common examples.

By opening doors to the potential of your imagination, hypnosis encourages you to refocus on the essential.

By connecting yourself to all the parts of your “Being”, you access all your possibilities and thus allow their manifestation at the heart of your daily life.

Thus, little by little, the hypnotized person forgets the external reality to enter his internal reality and can thus act in a relevant way on his transformations according to the objectives which he has previously defined.


A conversation then takes place between the hypnotized person and the hypnotist. This causes psychological and physiological changes.

It is only by intervening in the subconscious, in order to remove blockages, that you can change your attitude towards problems and diseases. With hypnosis, you “reprogram”, that is, you erase the reactions associated with facts, words and scenes recorded in the past and you record, instead, the new adapted solutions. Hypnosis is an extremely effective tool.

All hypnosis sessions are accompanied by coaching, exercises and rituals, in order to integrate the changes and transformations that the unconscious puts in place.
In this way, conscious and unconscious parallelly work, and new habits crystallize.

Hypnosis can in no way be a substitute for medical treatment!