Ioana Partenie Life & Soul Coach Therapist

"Be the change

      you want to see in the world."




I have a holistic approach, that brings unity and harmony of body, mind and emotions.

I have developed my own therapeutic method, combining energy balancing, coaching, hypnosys and art, to help you dealing with: emotional stress, addictions, phobias; in regaining self-confidence; preparing for a passage (exams, health, professional, retirement, death), improving the quality of sleep, overcoming anxieties; release energy blockages and karmic and transgenerational memories.

This healing process is for adults as well as children.


My ethical values ​​and commitments to you:

  • Strict confidentiality of all shared information.

  • Care, attention and empathy.

  • Respect for your physical and moral integrity.

  • In a solution-focused brief therapy, we speak about 3-6 sessions. 
    For physical or emotional issues I would recommand a specific work format. All this is decided together during the first meeting.

  • Availability between sessions in case of urgent problems


For 25 years I worked in Information Technology industry in worldwide companies (Canada and Europe). Managerial positions helped me to develop my relationship skills.

People well-being have questioned me, and alternative therapies have fascinated me. 

For twenty years, I have explored various therapeutic and artistic practices that give access to our unlimited resources and creative expressions.

I had the chance to meet extraordinary people, who have guided me, taught me and inspired me. 

I learned Hypnosis and Coaching with Catherine Dupuis (Paris) and then with Lou Ken (Paris), both using sources from different currents of hypnosis, creative visualization and PNL.

I learned Energy Medicine & shamanic skills with Alberto Villoldo (Paris). 

Aura Vision training with Isabelle David: reading and interpreting aura and energy bodies.

The psychologist and psychotherapist Marie-Françoise Neveu helped me and guided me into the Psychology of today's children (France).

Jeu de Peindre with Arno Stern in his "clos lieu" (Paris):a  method of expression and fulfillment based on non-judgment and the absence of evaluation, which brings together children and adults in the pure pleasure of the play-of-painting.

I practiced dance as an expression of art therapy under different approaches and I trained in Medicine Dance, Sacred Dance , with Zola Dubnikova (India).

Richard Rudd opened the magical realm of Gene Keys, an evolving synthesis of a living system, a place from where the secret of the DNA can be unlocked.