Flourish into

who you Are

Loss of energy, power, and passion, feeling stuck in old patterns, loneliness, suffering from old wounds, imbalance, fears about moving out of your comfort zone, inability to change old beliefs, depression, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, frustration, doubts, dissatisfaction, ambivalence, heavy obligations and responsibilities. 
Does any of these sound familiar?


We all go through difficult experiences in our lives. It can be things from past relationships, family situations, job situations, etc. Even though we may not be thinking of these old wounds anymore, and in spite of our best efforts to try not to let them affect us, we still carry around their heavy energetic baggage.  


So how do I get myself back on track?

How can I release what didn’t serve me anymore?

How can I cultivate my greatest potentials?  


Here is how I support you :

All sessions are online.  After each session you will receive a couple of exercises and rituals for integration and creation of new patterns.

  • Define your goal

  • Hypnotic guidance

  • Rewrite unconscious limiting beliefs
    Leap and flourish

  • Rituals and exercises

activation session

60 min - 66 €

  • Reading Gene Keys profile - a space for self-discovery and change

  • Keys for activating the inner genius: the gifts of your life, the mythical themes and the challenges of your life

  • Introduce the Art of Contemplation

gene keys session

60 min - 77 €

  • Energy Field Clearing

  • Unblocking & harmonization of chakras

  • Reharmonization & consolidation of the energy field

  • Sharing

  • Rituals and exercises

alignment session

90 min- 88 €

  • Identification of energy blockages and release of karmic and transgenerational memories

  • Soul recovery

  • Harmonization and consolidation of the energy structure

  • Sharing

  • Rituals and exercises

karmic clearing session

12 0 min - 111 €


Hypnosis or Energy clearing are never a substitute for medical treatment. My energetic approach is free of any religious attachment.